New Adventures: oh god i’m forty

How the hell did THIS happen? You wake up in the morning every day long enough, and eventually, you’re 40. Granted, the alternative is worse, but still! What did I do to be punished like this?

I don’t feel forty. I’m still the same guy with a desk of Marvel Super Hero Squad action figures, still wearing goofy t-shirts every chance I get. But there’s no denying it- I’m biologically starting my fourth decade of existence.

It’s also the start of 2011, and while I usually don’t make resolutions, I think there’s two I need to do.

I’m going back to blogging.

I’ve let this blog lapse- and I’ve done it many times before. I’m like most non-writers: I have ideas, man!!!, but not enough self-discipline to pull it off. Well, the only way I know to build self-discipline is to do the same thing over and over again. So that’s what I’m going to do- log in to the blog, write something, and do it again every day until I can’t imagine a day without blogging.

I’m going to the gym.

Notice how there’s few photos of me on the site? Here’s why- I’m fat.

Now, I am less fat this year than I was last year. Thanks to my wife, I joined Weight Watchers. I’ve been posting about my WW progress on Facebook every week, and I’m going to do the same here. I started in the beginning of September at (ugh) 316 pounds. I’m down to 285 pounds, down 31 pounds. My eventual goal is to get back to my high school weight of around 175-185 pounds.

Now, 30 pounds in four months sounds really good, but there’s a catch- I’ve plateaued. I weighed 286 on December 4, and 285 on December 31. Despite staying within my diet, I didn’t lose any weight. I’m making some changes in my diet again to get back to where I was before, but I’m also going to get serious about working out again.

This isn’t going to be easy. Because of some problems in my back, I’ve always had problems with creating a workout routine for myself. I’m clueless about the gym. I can use the treadmill for a half-hour, but other than that, I’m really outside my comfort zone. So I’m going to get some personal training at my gym, and also take some time to educate myself on a beginner’s workout routine.

And maybe if I do this long enough, I’ll feel good about posting pictures of myself. (Naaah…)

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