Webcomics Goodness 9/22

3 strips for you this morning; take your pic:

  • Questionable Content mixes quantum mechanics and sexual fetishes together and comes up with a joke that all dirty-minded physicists will be using for years.
  • Reprographics, the web’s best fumetti comic, gives us the new ditty about cubes. Cubes!
  • xkcd reminds you why you shouldn’t drive after gaming. I expect a comment from my wife (a huge fan of the game mentioned) in 3… 2… 1…

One other webcomic-related note:

PvP’s Scott Kurtz points out the plight of Wapsi Square’s Paul Taylor. He and his wife recently celebrated the birth of their first child, but the baby was born premature, and hospital bills are racking up. There’s details on online fundraising; some nifty items are up for auction, and you can donate via PayPal at Paul’s site.

Recently, while publicizing my review of Captain Amazing on PvP’s forums, someone made the accusation that I’m doing my blog only for money. That’s not the case. I do provide Amazon links and a link to Mailordercomics, and I anticipate adding Google ads in the future. But the existing links are there to make it easier to find the book I review. And I advertise for Mailordercomics because I’m convinced that the company is the best place to pre-order comics over the Internet. If I make a few bucks, great, but between my hosting costs and buying the books I review, I’m not going to turn a financial profit any time soon. And that’s okay; I get to express my views about comics, improve my writing and tech skills, and have fun all at the same time. I have a great day job; that’s how I make money.

Anyway, if you buy a book through one of my Amazon links or sign up for a Mailordercomics account through the link on the left sidebar before October 15, I’ll donate whatever commission I get to Paul Taylor’s PayPal fund. I don’t expect this to be a lot of money, and you can probably do more good by donating via Paul’s Wapsi Square page. But I’ll be happy to donate whatever commission I make on this site to help Paul out. Wapsi Square’s a fun comic, and he’s entertained me for a long time, and I appreciate the chance to help a creator who’s made me laugh over the years.

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