JMS off FF

Per our friends at Newsarama. I thought his run was okay, nothing special. I did like the first story, but the FF’s been stuck in Civil War tie-in mode. My own opinion on the best and worst FF runs are unchanged:
Pantheon: Lee/Kirby, Byrne, Simonson.

Slight step down from Pantheon: Wolfman’s run (seriously, FF 200 is the best Reed/Doom fight), Waid/Ringo, Kesel’s fill-ins.

Toilet paper: Englehart’s run, DeFalco/Ryan (Although I’ve liked DeFalco on other books, here he was just antagonizing readers through annoying gimmicks. Sales stayed surprisingly strong in a shrinking market, but the books are unreadable now.)

Is it too early to start campaigning for Kesel to get the full-time gig? I think not. Karl’s stories always capture the characters perfectly, and his yarns always entertain. Think I’ll stop by fellow U of Delaware alumni Tom Brevoort’s Marvel blog

One thought on “JMS off FF”

  1. Agreed on Wolfman, Ray, and hint-hint I’m still waiting on that review of FF #200.

    I grudgingly admit that FF is one of Englehart’s low points, although almost everything else the man has done is golden.

    And in defense of JMS, could it really be possible for anyone, other than Millar himself, to write FF in the midst of all this Civil War stuff? Truly the event has crippled the book.

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