Thanks for stopping by. Pull up a comfy chair. Sit down. Relax. I’ll tell you my story…

I’m a thirtysomething married man who love comics. I’ve loved them since I was a wee toddler, using an old Show-N-Tell to listen to a Spider-Man book and record set. I’ve believed for a long time that the use of static pictures and words, related through spatial positioning on a page or pages, is the most fascinating medium to tell stories. In the last few years, the explosive growth in graphic novels and webcomics has proven me right (in my own damn humble opinion, of course).

A few months ago, I bought this domain and paid for some hosting space, intending to start a discussion about comics. Then life intervened, and I shelved the idea. Now life’s gone ahead and said, “Hey, you might as well do it now- who knows what’s coming next month?” So here I am, and there you are.

I don’t want to monopolize the conversation about comics, of course. Nothing’s more annoying than sitting next to the guy who talks on and on about the comics he likes without listening to what you like. So, if you see something that makes you wanna holla about comics, leave a note in the comments. Right now, you don’t have to register to leave comments- I’m praying that spammers leave me be. If that changes, then I’ll require registrations, but for now, that seems like such a hassle.

So once again, here I am, and there you are. Tell me your story. Listen to my story. Let’s have some fun!

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