Things I have learned now that I work from home (first in a series, I’m sure)

1. Writing is hard.

I’ve tried writing daily articles for the blog, but get distracted by other things constantly. Compound this with a vicious bout of insomnia lately, and all you’re getting, dear reader, are quick video clips. I’m working on this, I promise.

2. The Chicago Cubs have the most biased announcing in baseball.

I always thought this title went to the radio announcers for the Yankees, John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. But I can forgive that for a number of reasons. Sterling is at least entertaining, and Waldman is underrated in her knowledge of the game. Besides, it’s the Yankees, the franchise that thinks it invented baseball, or at least bought the copyright. There has to be an element of “we’re the best” if you’re calling the Yankees. And they’ll note players that aren’t performing well.

But the Cubs announcers…wow.

I’ve started listening to baseball during the day using the Gameday package. I need noise when working from home, and baseball is the perfect noise. It’s interesting, never predicable, but not mesmerzing and distracting. If there’s a day game, I fire up the browser and listen to whichever feed I want. Listening to the Cubs is fun because their color announcer, Ron Santo, is an unabashed Cubs fan. I’ve never heard a color guy absolutely cheer for the home team like Santo. It’s not bad, mind you; it’s just a little unusual.

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