ROCK AND ROLL FRIDAY- Two for one today on the same song!

Ladies and Gentlemen (and those in-between), here are Joe Jackson, Todd Rundgren, and the string quartet Ethel doing a fantastic version of George Harrison’s “Still My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Perfect for an R&R Friday, even if there’s no, y’know, drums…

Wait, what’s that? Someone wants to outdo this? Well, who am I to argue? Put them on!
Ladies and gents and those working to pay the rents, same song, but this time Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, and the only and only Prince!

ROCK AND ROLL FRIDAY- Thin Lizzy and Huey Lewis???

Yes, you’ve got Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott and Huey Lewis on one of my favorite songs, “Ode to a Black Man”.

BONUS: An acoustic version by AOR favorite The Dirtbombs!

ROCK AND ROLL FRIDAY – Piano scratchin’

Have you been hurt recently in a relationship? Need to ROCK OUT?

Ladies and gentlemen, I got a song for you.

ROCK AND ROLL FRIDAY – LL Cool J. Yes, Rock and Roll.

I hear the cry across the land. “But Ray, this is raaaaaap. Raaaap sucks. It’s not rock and roll.”

Oh really? Shut up and listen. I promise, real instruments are used.

You’re welcome.

ROCK AND ROLL FRIDAY- The Revillos, Destination Venus (with DALEK ACTION!)

It’s been a hot, soggy, messy week. You NEED Rock and Roll. And here it is- from the Revillos’ reunion show in 1996, Destination Venus:

The whole show is available on Amazon and eMusic.