I had a small chunk of skin removed today at the dermatologist. I had a small freckle that turned black. Now it’s smarting. I am a wuss.

So to make up for running late, how about some Prince and Lenny Kravitz doing “Fly Away”? And don’t miss the funky-as-hell bass solo from Larry Graham at the 2:30 mark…

3 thoughts on “ROCK AND ROLL FRIDAY – OUCH!”

  1. It’s not the freckle that’s bothering me. It’s that I’m a wuss, and looking at the missing chunk of skin under the band-aid makes me nauseous. Like I said, I’m a wuss!

  2. Watching this again, I gotta say how much I enjoy watching Prince guest star on stage with others. He always seems to make the headliner look inadequate. Love it.

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